Historical sites of South-Africa, Namibia and Ghana

by Dirk (Dick) Teeuwen MSc, Holland

A rendezvous in Cape Town Kaapstad, Windhoek and Elmina

Dirk Teeuwen MSc

Ohrigstad S. A.

The African-Dutch past in travel, in articles and pictures

The aim of this site is to publish about my African travel experiences against the background of Dutch-African architecture and interlarded with African historical events. The approach is varied, because, as an example, also the history of the Dutch South-African Boers and their crucial (social-economic) position will come up.
The historical European, American commercial demand for slaves in the past will come up. But also the black cultural slavery system and the supply of slaves from black African principalities. As an example: Ghana's past.
Interesting in many ways is, of course, the beauty of Namibia, South Africa, Ghana. Their colonial and local architecture as well as eco remains are most interesting.

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Author: Dirk (Dick) Teeuwen

Cape Town's beauty

Boer Memorial Pretoria

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South-African Republic army types 1890 (from Kepper, G.L.: De Zuid-Afrikaansche Oorlog; Leiden Holland 1901, p.66, library Dirk Teeuwen)