Jakarta Kota-Old Batavia Touring with Dirk Teeuwen
Travelling through history

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<<<< Dirk Teeuwen MSc/drs, Holland


Our aim

Enjoy adventurous wanderings through a mighty history! Step into the colonial world of yesterday and visit concrete remains of an impressive earlier period!

"History Travel", we are going to travel with you through a part of the colonial past. We shall do our best to make the colonial world more tangible for you.

Below left, Dutch colonial architecture! The inner court of Oranje Hotel, now Hotel Majapahit, Surabaya 2002

Are you interested in travelling through the history of Jakarta-Batavia? Maybe my tour suggestions could help you. If so: buy a map of Jakarta and/or use Internet/Google Maps, read my Tour Guides, have a look at my pictures and then enjoy visiting the actual remains of a most interesting common past - Dutch/Indonesian, I mean. Click the internet, find Google Map locations of the following tour highlights I am going to introduce to you.


1. Sunda Kelapa and vicinity
2. Museum Wayang, Museum Keramik, Café Batavia
3. Jakarta History Museum, outside
4. The ghostly apparition of Miss Sara Specx
5. Jakarta History Museum, Sara Specx 1629
6. Jakarta History Museum, dungeons
7. Jakarta History Museum, Surapati 1675
8. Jakarta History Museum, ground floor
9. Jakarta History Museum, upper floor
10. Jakarta History Museum, Dipo Negoro 1830
11. Jakarta History Museum, backyard
12. Jakarta History Museum, Pieter Erberfelt 1722


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Below! The Dutch ocean liner M.S. "Marnix van St. Aldegonde", owned by the Steamboat Company "Nederland" (Netherlands) on its way from The Netherlands to Tanjung Priok Harbour, Batavia/Jakarta, 1935
Below left! Five o'clock P.M., drinking
at the pool bar of M.S. Dempo
Below right! Art aboard M.S. Dempo,
a staircase in the first class department
Sources (indexpage pictures)! Three photographs taken by Dirk Teeuwen. Other pictures: from the magazine "Tourism in Netherland India" Batavia/Jakarta 1934, edited by "The Travellers Official Information Bureau Of Netherland India" (Batavia); artists unmentioned, unknown.